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India's First Laser Sensor Company...

Wide Range of Laser and Vision Sensors for Inspection, Measurements and Control System

Why Us

KML Sensors is part of Kalaimakal group of companies. Kalaimakal Group head quartered in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India was established in 1979 and named after the Hindu goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge, Music, arts and Science).


Kalaimakal started as a bus company, but now has grown into several other fields.



Kalaimakal is fore front in adopting latest trends to best serve its ever growing customers. From its transport business Kalaimakal has entered into welding automation through Kalaimakal Systems.


Kalaimakal Systems


Kalaimakal Systems was established in 2012 to provide latest technologies in 3D Laser Vision and Control System automation for welding and related applications.


Kalaimakal Systems proudly launched the “FIRST MADE IN INDIA LASER SENSORS” under the Brand name “KML Sensors” during IMTEX 2017 Bangalore.


KML Sensors,

3/245 B1, 1st Floor, Kalaimakal Compound,

Azad Nagar, Jagir Venkatapuram,

Krishnagiri. 635001

Tamil Nadu,


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+91 9840517391